Competition work

These are some of the cakes and bakes that I have created for competition work

Croquembouche filled with vanilla and chocolate creme

patissiere. This was my first time making anything like this -

choux pastry, creme patissiere and spun sugar. I also made

caramel for the first time which is what the profiteroles are

held together with. I decorated my croquembouche with fresh 

violas from the garden.

Cheese and onion pasties made with puff pastry. I learnt to crimp whilst making these.

My brief was to make iced biscuits and decorate

them in a way that

showed my personality. I

chose to make feathered 

hearts with figures of

things that I love doing

I made this bread, coloured my dough black and yellow and turned it into a sunflower. I then entered it into a competition on Twitter - best bread of the week and that was me!


My prize was the trinket box opposite. I could choose what I wanted printed inside so I chose too have Pearl Bakes 2021.

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