Birthday Cakes

Digger cake made for a birthday cake order for a two year old.

10" biscoff flavoured sponge with biscoff flavoured buttercream icing topped with biscoff sauce and lotus biscuits ordered with matching cupcakes

Chocolate sponge coated in chocolate buttercream topped with a milk chocolate ganache drip, milk chocolate sticks, white chocolate chunks and handmade milk and white chocolate shards

18th birthday cake. Red velvet sponge coated in vanilla buttercream with a white chocolate drip ganache, hand painted gold

Vegan birthday cake for an eight year old who loves ladybirds  

Vanilla cupcakes with white royal icing and vanilla buttercream topped with gold pieces

Birthday cupcakes for a horse loving girl. Vanilla sponge cupcakes with vanilla buttercream  topped with pink fondant discs and handmade horseshoes painted silver

Vegan birthday cake for a lego loving six year old

Chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream topped with handmade cat and rabbit models

Victoria sponge for a rugby fan with handmade rugby balls

Chocolate cupcakes with blue and white buttercream icing and blue glitter

Carrot cake with

vanilla buttercream

topped with walnuts

and handmade carrots

Vanilla sponge filled with homemade rhubarb jam, coated in vanilla buttercream with a dark chocolate drip ganache topped with a ring of crushed freeze dried strawberries and pistachios

Chocolate sponge filled with a dark chocolate whipped ganache and homemade rhubarb jam, decorated with a fault line effect topped with buttercream and fondant flowers

Vanilla sponge and buttercream with jammie dodger cupcakes

Victoria sponge with extra buttercream

Simple, effective vanilla sponge and buttercream cupcakes with sprinkles

This is proving to be a really popular design -  these cakes are 10" vanilla sponge coated in buttercream with a buttercream rope effect on the top. 


Opposite was decorated with chocolate buttercream and filled with a selection of chocolate very similar to bottom middle. 


Belowright was decorated with purple buttercream with a dusting of purple edible glitter and below left, cream with gold edible glitter.

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